Top Gun has implemented our Environmental Reclamation Program for the past 9 years and have a very creditable name in Southern Alberta.  Our expertise, especially in the oil and gas sector allows us to maintain a high standard of quality of work for all our clients needs.

Our list of reclamation services include:

  • Mowing and of well sites and access roads
  • Drill and Broadcast Seeding of anything from pipeline tie-ins to new public roadways
  • Dust control and Fire Watch Programs
  • Rotospicing of leases and pipelines
  • Bale Busting and Straw Crimping to avoid erosion
  • Installation of Fencing (Barbed Wire and Temporary Steel)
  • Snow Removal on sites, gas plants, and access ways
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Dirt and Gravel Hauling and distribution of materials on site
  • General Oilfield Site upkeep (weedwhip, sign, replacements, etc)
  • Well site Construction and Repair
  • County and Municipal work projects
  • Urban renewal and landscaping projects
  • Tech Fence repair and replacement
  • Hot Shot Services
  • Well Surveillance and Tank Inventory
  • Provide ISNetworld and Satefy Program start up and installation

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