Tank Rentals

Patch Pros Tank Rentals

Patch Pros enclosed blowback tanks:

  • Eliminates over spray of fluid hydrocarbons and the need for expensive environmental relcamation
  • The tank capacity can be fully utilized, unlike open top tanks where only about 2/3 of the tank's capacity is used. This significantly reduces fluid hauling costs for the customers.
  • Noise pollution is virtually eliminated as the tank acts as a huge muffler keeping both oil companies and farmers happy.
  • Wildlife is unable to enter the confined space, unlike open top tanks.
  • Confined space entry is eliminated when cleaning with a specially designed 'stinger' that quickly vacs out all solids and fluids from the tanks.
  • Tanks are equipped with internal heat coils and de-gassers.
  • Each Tank has one riser and a mininum of 6-20' joints of schedule 80 2" line pipe, complete with safety slings.
  • External gauge board for fluid levels.
  • Wind Indicator

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