Top Gun has implemented our Environmental Reclamation Program for the past 6 years and have a very creditable name in Southern Alberta. Our expertise, especially in the oil and gas sector allows us to maintain a high standard of quality of work for all our clients needs.

Our list of reclamation services include:

  • Mowing and of well sites and access roads
  • Drill and Broadcast Seeding of anything
  • from pipeline tie-ins to new public roadways
  • Dust control and Fire Watch Programs
  • Rotospicing of leases and pipelines
  • Bale Busting and Straw Crimping to avoid erosion
  • Installation of Fencing (Barbed Wire and Temporary Steel)
  • Snow Removal on sites, gas plants, and access ways
  • Chemical Distribution
  • Dirt and Gravel Hauling and distribution of materials on site
  • General Oilfield Site upkeep (weedwhip, sign, replacements, etc)
  • Well site Construction and Repair
  • County and Municipal work projects
  • Urban renewal and landscaping projects
  • Tech Fence repair and replacement
  • Hot Shot Services
  • Well Surveillance and Tank Inventory
  • Provide ISNetworld and Satefy Program start up and installation

Boiler Trucks

For the last 5 years, Top Gun Well Services has provided Mobile Steam Units throughout all of Alberta and Northern British Columbia. We provide boiler unit rentals to the oil and gas sector concerning Service Rigs, Frac Crews, and operational freeze-ups with our 6 mobile steamers which range from 20-50hp.

With our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, Top Gun guarantees our clients the understanding of their separate needs. Our employees are trained and certified and are efficient in the tasks demanded. Our equipment is safe and reliable, thus providing excellent service to our clientele. At Top Gun, we are proud of the ability to supply the perfect solutions to all your steaming needs.

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